Sennelier in Paris

Sennelier art supplies store Paris
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While last in Paris I had the pleasure of getting to visit the The oldest art store in the city! The Sennelier store is quite lovely with a rather nostalgic interior. You will see beautiful old wooden cabinets and reams of supplies. It is on the left bank of the River Seine, directly across from the Louvre Museum. It is a two story shop that has provided supplies to artists for over 100 years—the likes of Cezanne, Degas, Picasso, Bonnard, Alfred Sisley, and Chaim Soutine among many others. It is fun to enter the building just knowing that these people graced the store at one point in time.

Since I needed a small sketchbook and eraser at the time I came out of the store with just those things- and just exactly the type I was looking for. It is deliciously full of art supplies. Definitely recommend the store simply for the experience of getting to see it- but also of course procuring some more art supplies :-)

Sennelier Paris