Book Review - Leonardo Da Vinci: The Graphic Work

I have always had a special love for Da Vinci’s drawings (like many people). I do not like his paintings so much - but his drawings are beautiful to behold and look at. I came across a wonderful volume published by Taschen that is of a smaller manageable size but still thick and chock full of his drawings (663 of them in fact). The drawings included range from anatomical studies to architectural plans, and from complex engineering designs to pudgy infant portraits (I always find these amusing). I try to keep a habit of spending a couple minutes a day to sit and copy either an Ingres or Da Vinci drawing (two draftsmen I highly admire). This form of study helps me to develop my sense of line as well as give me a much deeper sensitivity toward edges when it comes to painting.

At 5 x 7 in. I love how manageable the size is — thus allowing one to easily take it on trips or set it on one’s bedside table. Even if you don’t believe in doing drawing studies - it is worth to have to simply enjoy the beauty of Da Vinci’s drawings.

You can find the volume here

Leonardo Da Vinci The Graphic Work Taschen

Leonardo Da Vinci The Graphic Work Taschen

Elizabeth Larson